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Blind Rivets

A Blind Rivet consists of two parts – the rivet body and, within it, the setting mandrel, as shown in the accompanying drawing.] 

 The rivet body is inserted in a hole in the materials to be joined.

2. The tool is actuated and the jaws of the power operated or manual riveting tool grips the mandrel of the rivet.

3. The rivet is set by pulling the mandrel head into the rivet body, expanding it, and forming a strong, tight, reliable joint. At a predetermined setting force, the mandrel breaks and falls away.

Advantages of Blind Rivets.

The ability to set blind rivets without the need for access at the back of the work makes their use mandatory in many instances. However, there are many additional advantages that make blind rivets the logical choice in numerous applications where the blind-setting feature is not of primary importance. Following are some of these important blind rivet advantages compared with conventional fasteners.

  • LOW IN PLACE COSTS. - Real of “in place” cost are often lower than those of other fasteners because of their speed and ease of application.
  • FAST ASSEMBLY.- Because blind rivets can be set in second Literally
  • LOW-COST, LIGHTWEIGHT, EASILY PORTABLE TOOLS. - Manual or power tools are easy to take to the work place, reduce operator fatigue, and minimize capital expenditure.


  • INDEPENDENT OF OPERATOR SKILL. - Blind Rivets don’t torque out like threaded fasteners, wasting time and material. Correct setting pressure is predetermined by the breaking point designed into the mandrel. So you get uniformly strong, reliable fastenings the first time-all the time.
  • VIBRATION-PROOF ASSEMBLY. - Blind rivets won’t back out or vibrate loose and fall out like threaded fasteners. You eliminate costly call-backs due to faulty fastenings.
  • NO SURFACE MARRING. - Setting tool won’t slip and mar polished or finely finished surface. No dents, dimpling, or wrench marks.
  • EXCEPTIONAL VERSATILITY. - Blind rivets hold securely in thin or thick, soft or hard materials, ideal for dissimilar materials. First choice for plastics and other easily damaged components.
  • HIGH GRIP AND PULL-UP STRENTHS. - Ideal for public transportation and other public facilities where tampering and vandalism are problems. Excellent for fastening limited-access panels: authorized personnel with correct equipment easily drill out blind rivets and replace in seconds.
  • INCREASED DESIGN FLIXIBILITY. - Setting without need for access at back, minimum backup space requirements, versatility, and neat appearance are just a few of the blind rivet attributes that contribute to design flexibility and improve the quality of the finished product.

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