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Coloured Blind Rivets

Blind rivets are also available in colour to match the application. To guarantee the best possible durability the hollow rivets are painted using a two-component epoxy resin paint in a stow enamelling process. In addition to the visual benefits, the painted blind rivet also has added protection against corrosion. Aluminium blind rivets are best suited for this procedure. In the long-term they achieve the desired visual effect when joining coloured parts. Blind rivets are available in the standard RAL colours. On request, steel blind rivets are also available in RAL colours or even special colours.

Another method for colouring blind rivets and for protecting them against corrosion is toanodize them. Blind rivets are anodized in a direct current sulphuric acid process. The term Eloxal is used to describe the electrolytic oxidation of aluminium. Eloxal itself is actually colourless. Applying a second coat using metal salts creates the desired light-fast colour. The Eloxal method is more complex but is the most durable process for coloured blind rivets.

State Enterprises Breakstem System - Non Structural


This guide contains a collection of breakstem rivets suited for a wide range of general engineering applications. For highly stressed or dynamically loaded applications please refer to the Structural Product Guide. This selection guide is designed to help show you which fasteners may be the most suitable for your application. An State Enterprise Applications Engineer is available to answer anny questions  you may have. This guide dose not include the full range of State Enterprises products and for more information on specialist products please see the appropriate brochure or our website www.rivetsindia.com. Our design department is able to create variations on all our products to suit your individual needs quickly efficiently.

Selecting Correct Type of Blind Rivet


The shear and tensile strength of the rivet selected and the number of rivets used in the application should equal or exceed the joint strength requirements. Testing is recommended before final selection and use in product.

2. The rivet body material should be compatible with the materials to be joined to resist galvanic corrosion which may result in reduction of joint strength. If dissimilar materials are widely separated on the galvanic chart, it is advisable to separate them with a dielectric material such as paint or other coating.

3. After determination of strength required by diameter and alloy, the total thickness of materials to be joined must be considered. Select the Rivet grip range which included the total thickness of the material to be joined.

4. Recommended hole sizes listed for each rivet diameter should be followed closely. An under size hole will not allow insertion of the rivet body; an oversize hole will reduce shear and tensile strengths, and may cause improper rivet setting, all of which promote joint failure.

5. The various head styles are offered to accommodate different assembly needs. The most popular is the button head, whose lower profile head is approx. Twice the diameter of the rivet body. This provided adequate bearing surface for nearly all applications. The large flange head rivet provides greater bearing surface for fastening soft or brittle facing materials. The countersunk head rivet is for electric or electronic applications.

6. Besides the sizes, alloys and head styles listed, State Engineering Works manufactures a wide range of special rivets to accommodate a variety of customer needs for strength, head style and rip range.

Blind Rivet Nomenclature

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