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Blind Rivet Nut tools



SRC HN-02, hand nut tool comes with a nosepiece kit including M4, M5, M6, M8 and M10 on order to fulfill customer demands in different threads. Nosepiece kit can purchased as parts separately and comes with a plastic box with nosepiece holder.

Pull the round knob grip to its maximum. This rotates the screw mandrel in the counter-clockwise and the rivet nut will not be threaded only the mandrel.

Rivet nut is threaded on to screw mandrel of the tool for installation by simply pushing the round knob.

Rivet nut on the tool mandrel is then inserted into the pre drilled hole in the material to installation. Just grip the two arms fully so that it touches the brackets. By doing so the screw mandrel rotates and the threaded position is pulled, forming a bulge in the unthreaded shank area of the rivet nut on the blind side.

And pull back the round knob grip, the screw mandrel will rotate in the counter-clockwise, unthreading itself from set rivet nut.


  • Suitable for all material includes aluminium, steel and stainless steel rivet nuts up to size M10.
  • Simple stroke adjustment by means of an adjuster ring with memory stroke scale or easy use in different sizes and grips.
  • Push / Pull mechanism allows you for quick setting of rivet nut in clockwise and counter-clockwise motion for threading and unthreading.
  • Easy Maintenance access in order to maintain full capability for daily use. Oil and daily cleaning is required for the best performance and is recommended.
  • All parts can be purchased separately by request and are quality guaranteed.
Item No. Description Weight Length Stroke Specification
HN-02 Professional Hand Nut Tool 1.6 Kgs. 440mm 0-8mm Blind Nuts M4, M5, M6, M8 & M10 for All Materials 
Roveter No. Speed (rpm) Capacity (mm) Pressure Required Weight (kg) Height (mm) Length (mm)
LG-801 3000 M3, M4 0.39 - 0.49 Mpa (4-5 Kgf/cm2) 1.32 160 200
LG-802 1500 M5, M6 0.49 - 0.59 Mpa (5-6 Kgf/cm2) 1.32 160 200
LG-803 600 M8, M10 0.59 - 0.69 Mpa (5-7 Kgf/cm2) 1.36 160 220


Item No. Description Weight Air Pressure Nut Setting Capacity Specification
SN-06 Superior Air Blind Rivet Nut Tool 1.85 Kgs. 70-95 Psi 5-7 Kgf M4-M6, UNC 8-32, UNC 10-24, UNC 1/4-20, Aluminum, Steel & Stainless Steel Blind Nuts
  1. Light Weight and heavy duty pneumatic nut tool.
  2. Thread nut insert automatically and touch a button to un-thread. 
  3. Save at least 50% of time a Energy.


Type : Hydro Pneumatic Blind Rivet Nut Tool

Weight : 2.45Kgs.

Stroke Length : 9mm

Pressure Required : 70 To 90 PSI, 5 To 7Kgs.

Capacity : M4 to M12 in all material

Traction Power : 29800N, 6670Lbf, 3026Kgf

Specification : Light Weight & heavy duty Pneumatic Rivet Nut Tool. Thread & Unthread insert automatically & external Touch a button to unthread. Low Consumption of Air. Worked on All materials Steel & Stainless Steel Blind Nuts. Save at least 50% time of Energy.


Type : Hydro Pneumatic Blind Rivet Nut Tool

Weight : 2.9Kgs.

Stroke Length : 7mm

Pressure Required : 80 To 100 PSI, 6 To 7Kgs.

Capacity : M4 to M12 in all material

Traction Power : 30248N, 6800Lbf, 3100Kgf

Specification : One Touch reversing Operation. Reliable, Durable & heavy duty tool. Noise free Operation. Simple & easy Operation for work.


Type : Hydro Pneumatic Blind Rivet Nut Tool

Weight : 2.6Kgs.

Stroke Length : Adjustable Stroke Length upto 10mm

Pressure Required : 85 To 100 PSI, 6 To 7Kgs.

Capacity : M3 to M10 in all material

Traction Power : 31138N, 7000Lbf, 3175Kgf

Specification : Heavy duty Hydro Pneumatic Rivet Nut Tool. Thread & Unthread Automatic on Single lever Operation. One Touch reversing Operation Lever. Very Simple & easy to Operate. Reduce 50% of time & energy.

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